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Friday, March 03, 2006
Wow long time no talk world... not that anyone would have noticed. Anyway a few things.

  1. I'm working three jobs right now: A Business Machine associate for Staples; A self employed Math Tutor; and a teacher at Kimber Academy, which is a Mormon homeschooling program. Really Busy.
  2. All my webcomics are down... too busy... :( Maybe some other time.
  3. Check out either My Myspace Profile or My Band's Myspace Profile to see what I'm up too.
  4. And I am on the verge of overhauling this page. If staples hadn't decided to call me in on Saturday... *grumble*
Anyway nice life people. Mahalo and Aloha.
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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Butt Bruises and Nipple Scissors oh my
[Artist] Brand New (Cuz its Rachel and Emily's fault... noo the emoooo!)
[Album] Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams
[Song] Brand New - Me Vs. Madonna Vs. Elvis
[Learning] Umm.. making comic panels
[Playing] Nothin... Imagine that
[Mood] Nipples freezing...getting Jacket now...

Well Happy New Years! everyone! I hope everyone's was waaaay better than mine cuz mine sucked the big one... oh yeah. But hey... I traditionaly hate new years anyway soo...

2006 tho is going good so far. But still no job! WTF... does noone want to employ me... (more whining...). But in all seriousness I really can't complain. Life is good. I'm getting used to the cold (or at least resigned to it), I have a really good group of friends (who keep me out till 12:00 every day ... hahaha), and yeah... I'm happy. I can really call Simi Valley "home" now.

Oh and on important news: Welcome Home one Elder Kawaii Davis!!!!. Yeah punk, welcome home. Go pitch a tent for me somewhere!

And on sad depressing news... due to insurmountable peer pressure I have indeed opened a myspace... :P I'm trying to think of ways to use it other then to just mirror this blog. As of yet... there is absolutely nothing on it. But maybe soon I can get some... idk... whatever up there. Oh and if you wanna hear Claudio Sanchez's new side project check out my profile... I got him there somewhere... go "The Prize Fighter Inferno"!

Oh I went Ice Skating, and fell.... everywhere! Woot Woot! Awesome huh? yeah... totally random. Non sequitor. Thank goodness skating to Eric's house everyday has kept me in shape. Thanks Eric! If it wasn't for the fact that I was skating to your house to play video games... I'd totally be out of shape. Ironic huh? Actually you know what would be ironic? If we were made out of iron... anywayz. My butt is bruised... alot.

And what else have I been up to... nothin much. just updating the comixs, which can be found at Disconnected_ and KOTR. Disconnected is going to need characters soon! If you would like to appear on the strip please email me with your pictures!!! thanks! Lots of love. Peace and Chicken grease man, Wulf Out!!!
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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
[Artist] BECK
[Album] Coheed and Cambria - GAIBSIV
[Song] Coheed and Cambria - The Suffering
[Learning] Scanning and Drawing
[Playing] RE4... brains!
[Mood] Rushed

Nothing new really. Just wanted to annouce the launch of me new comic Disconnected_ hand drawn and everything! Hope christmas is looking good for all of you guys!
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Thursday, December 15, 2005
Shh.. be vewy vewy quiet... I'm hunting jobs..
[Artist] Saosin
[Album] Saosin "White EP: Translating the Name"
[Song] Coheed and Camrbia - A Favor House Atlantic
[Learning] Photsoshop FXS!
[Playing] FFTA... again
[Mood] Content

So waaay to much work on my webcomic... which can be found at:
but at least it's starting to look good. Check it out, read it, rate it ... if you dare... hahah... meh

Apparently if you are in need of dire medical help you gotta wait about 2 weeks to get it. My wrist... which is just getting worse, can't be looked at till Dec 22nd. pffft. eat me, and my wrist California Health Care. Whatevah.

Job hunting sucks... If I got a dollar for everytime someone asked me if I was a convicted fellon... I'd have a few more bucks. And I don't know which is worse... the paper forms that take forever, or the online forms that take forever...jeez. I gotta go through a 70 question "character analysis" online... ridiculous.

But at least things are going okay here. My home ward is pretty awesome. I am getting a decent group of friends that I know, oh and the girls at my ward are pretty cute (beat that GUAM!) and my age. And I have more or less accepted the fact that I will have to pile on the layers whenever I think of even stepping outside. bleah. Ooh ooh, but there are actually sidewalks here... which means I get to skate around _everywhere_ woot woot! Anyway... nothin else to write. Wulf out.
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Friday, December 09, 2005
[KOTR] A little too much information or "how an RPG cliche' made my day"
[Artist] Death Cab for Cutie
[Album] Open Hand "The Dream"
[Song] Daphne Love's Derby - Middle Middle
[Learning] to make sprite comics... still!
[PLaying] Final Fantasy X, Ogre Battle (Old School! on the PSP!), RE4
[Mood] Meh

MikeNew KOTR is up, available here !
Help me raise my ranking! Register and vote! Or just read... you wussy.

Well nothing much happening here thats _too_ dramatic. I did apply for a job at Hollister out of desperation. And totally came to my interview over dressed! The person who gave the interview said soemthing to the point of "Here at Hollister we are trying to promote a relaxed, beach lifestyle atmosphere" and I was thinking "great, you mean I would have looked better if I dressed up as I normally do?"

But in all honesty the two jobs I really want to look at is Gamesop and BestBuy. I still need to turn in my application to Gamestop. Bestbuy told me however that they won't have openings till the end of the "season". It seems the if you are employed between Nov 15 and Jan 15 you are considered a temporary, or seasonal employee. Which means I gotta wait till half a month after the new year to get a good job. Meh. Maybe I'll work for the blockbuster down the street from me... woah, serious deja vu there. Wulf out.
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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
[KOTR] Update "Ask a stupid question..."
[Artist] 3EB... for some reason
[Album] Circa Survive "Juturna" I really want to like Anthony Greens new band...
[Song] Acceptance - Permanent
[Learning] How to make sprite comics
[PLaying] GTA:SA, FFX, FE:SS
[Mood] Sprained wrist


Check out the new and improved KOTR, now hosted on www.smackjeeves.com. Clickey the banner to go to the newest comic. And if you want to be really nice... register and review the comic so i can get ranked... but otherwise just read it!

I keep trying to post a big update on this thing.. but I'm so friggin lazy. So it might not ever happen. Meh. Anyway... its hard to type. I messed up the wrist skating to the mall here. Bad things happen when you run into walls ;) Peace!
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Friday, December 02, 2005
[KOTR] gnikniht sdrawkcab
Strip 2 of Knights of the Ridiculous is up and I don't know if anybody is actually reading this! Next episode.. watch out for the complete list of RPG cliches to show up, in force yo! Check out the list at this place . Oh and if the title or panel doesn't make sense... try reading it backwards...

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